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About US

We are a free guest book service which means that we provide free guest books for our members to use. Simply join our website, customize your quest book and add the HTML code to your website. Within minutes you can enjoy a service that allows your visitors to easily add their comments about their site

Getting started

Getting started is easy, simply click here to sign up for your free account. Once you have signed up, login to the members area where you can access your control panel you will see the following options:

• Get your HTML Code
• Change your password
• Edit Guestbook Options
• Edit Guestbook Posts
• Edit Banned IP's
• Logout

Setting up your guest book

Login to your account and select Edit Guestbook Options. When the page loads fill out all the details to customize your guest book. When you are done, click the button to save the changes. Once your guest book has been customized click on Get your HTML Code, a new page will open that will contain a text box similar to the following:

Using your keyboard. Select the code in the text area. Ctrl A, then copy the text to your clipboard Ctrl C.

Now open your webpage (html document - could also be php, etc.,) and paste the code where you want the link to your guest book to appear. Ctrl V to paste.

Upload and test.

Your guest book should now be ready for your visitor's to sign.

Editing Post/Private messages

In your control area you have a link called Edit Guestbook Posts. Here is where you can view/delete your posts and read messages on your board that visitor's have marked as PRIVATE.

IP Banning

In some instances comments may be posted on your guest book which may be inappropriate. IP Banning's is available in your member account that allows you to ban the IP of visitors that you do not want to access or post in your guest book. From the members control panel select IP banning to enter the offending IP. You can always return to remove it later if circumstances change.

Contact US

If you have additional questions about our service or you need help beyond what this page provides, please contact us by clicking here.

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